Review Process

  1. Upon receipt of the submission, the author will be notified within five business days.
  2. Each manuscript, upon receipt, will undergo an editorial desk review to assure that the manuscript falls within the scope and mission of the journal. Those manuscripts deemed inconsistent with the mission of the journal will be returned to the author.
  3. Pending editorial desk acceptance of the manuscript, each manuscript will be blinded and sent to two reviewers. These reviewers will indicate acceptance, acceptance with revision, or rejection. The author will be notified as the reviewer comments are received. The journal’s editor anticipates a four-to-six week response rate to notify authors.
  4. Upon acceptance of a manuscript, the editorial design team will copy edit the manuscript and format it for the journal. The author will be sent a copy of this formatted version of the manuscript for approval. The author will have a brief period of time to review the manuscript, typically one week, to respond accepting or revising the manuscript as needed.
  5. The journal will be published online during early December of each year.

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