Table of Contents

Fall 2018 - Volume 2

1  Editor’s RemarksHTML formatPDF format

G. David Gearhart

What College Presidents Should Know

2  What Professors Would Like Their New Presidents to KnowHTML formatPDF format

Jim Maddox and Jay Johnson

8  What College Presidents Need to Know about CollegeStudents and Student AffairsHTML formatPDF format

Jennifer M. Miles

10  What College Presidents Need to Know about Adult Learners in Higher EducationHTML formatPDF format

David Deggs

Research Articles

14  The Next Generation of Community College Presidents: Who They Are, How They Prepare, and How They Lead, Results from a National StudyHTML formatPDF format

Matthew A. Cooney and Kenneth W. Borland

30  Chief Student Affairs Officers: Transforming Pathways to the PresidencyHTML formatPDF format

Quincy Martin, III

40  Perspectives on Time Commitment to Fundraising by Community College PresidentsHTML formatPDF format

G. David Gearhart and Michael T. Miller

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